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My name is Emmy. Reading and math are my favorite subjects. I am writing a couple of books. I want to publish them when they are long enough. I play violin and piano. They are really fun. If you want to play any other instruments, first you should take piano to help with reading music. Go check out the news page to find the most recent updates.

Please feel free to scan through the pages on the left, and there is a description of the link below (or will soon be).

Of course, this is the home page. It is where I tell you about all the other links, and give some info about myself.

If you want to make an avatar for any reason, go to this site. Though it only has one link, that link has many other links on it.

EmmyIpodApps is where I give reviews about applications on the ipod. If you have an ipod touch or iphone and are wondering about ipod apps then this is the page for you. If you have played the game and have any comments about it please feel free to leave a comment on the discussion tab.

Engineering is where I describe an engineering project with a friend.

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